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Hey There

We are a budget-friendly event company for the heart and soul. We specialize in small, intimate gatherings. Sit back and relax while we coordinate all the little details that will make your occasion that much more special! Let us create a custom event package for you, or pick any one off services that you may need! 

All About Us

Nice to meet you! We are Gina and Ronny, a husband and wife team. The both of us are natural busy bodies, and creative in our own ways. We are living proof that opposites attract; Gina is the left brain and Ronny is the right brain of the business. 

When we created Stories and Tablescapes, we had the vision to start an event company with affordable rates, so everyone can have beautiful special occasions, whether it be a wedding or a dinner party. The both of us come from similar backgrounds where money wasn't always available and often times it took thinking outside the box to come up with resourceful solutions to solve our problems. We have been fortunate enough to create our own paths in life that led us to our dreams today.


Gina has a background in Events that included events ranging from NFL partnerships to Big Box Retail Partnerships, She is always the one at friends and family events planning and running the show, whether that means stepping up to be the officiant when they don't show up (true story), or coordinating all the vendors so her friend (the bride) doesn't have a panic attack before the wedding! Ronny has had many creative partnerships with different artists in NYC and LA, and has a natural eye for design. He is always lending a helping hand whenever and wherever needed. The both of us have patience and remain calm under pressure to get the job done right...and then let out all the stress after its over with some Ben and Jerrys at home!

Stories and Tablescapes is about more than just allowing you to host a beautiful event, we want to create everlasting memories for all of your guests who attend. In a world where our attention span is dwindiling and social media is taking over everyone's head, we want to help create a time and place to be present and reconnect face to face. We invite you to reach out to find out how.

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