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Corporate Event Planning

Kailey's Queens is a girl empowerment organization that I would describe as a modern day Girls Scout. The organization has weekly classes and get togethers across the world for girls ages 9-17. They teach girls about self confidence, how to deal with bullies and peer pressure, finding themselves...everything young girls probably want to learn about from the cool older sister type rather than their parents, haha! This organization is led by young women, rather than moms like other similar organizations.

For planning, this event covered everything from finding locations and vendors who are willing to work with a non-profit event, securing sponsors for giveaways, sourcing branding/marketing opportunities, and the usual day of event timelines and coordinating duties. At Kailey's Queens events the moms like to stay and mingle, so we made to sure to have a separate space and activities for both the moms and teens. This inspiring organization was a lot of fun to work with and I enjoyed the challenge of the tight budget and how to work around it, not to mention they reached out to us only 2 months before they wanted the event to happen! We do not shy away from a challenge!


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