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Las Vegas Destination Micro Wedding

This was our first wedding planned (p.s. this is us!)

We wanted to elope because Ronny's mother had her visitor visa denied, so we didn't think it would be fair to have a big wedding without his family. We found this amazing company called New Romantix in Las Vegas to marry us and capture the photos. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

I still wanted some romance for the actual ceremony, so New Romantix recommended this place in the desert. The rest of the day was filled with partying on the Party Bus and bar/casino hopping in true Vegas form! Ronny was a touring musician at the time, and found out a few past bands he toured with would be in Vegas at the time, so we invited them to join the fun! One of the bands who attended are actually Youtube stars (The Animal In Me) and made a music video out of the day! Check it out below! They take pop songs and remake them with a rock vibe.

Photography Credit: 📸: @newromantixlv

Video Credit: @theanimalinme


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